Our Methodology

Over the years we have developed a unique methodology at SF marketing.

We apply the exemplar marketing theories of leading academics and business thinkers (such as Porter, Kottler, Sharp, Levitt & Drucker) and combine them with psychographic segmentation to identify Moments of Truth and sources of compelling competitive advantage.

We start with a thorough Situational Analysis of the market to identify the core structural forces on the market and emerging trends. We then filter this through a Participation Analysis which identifies the core competencies & potential sources of competitor advantage for our clients and also the alliances or collaborators on which these depend. The third stage is to identify Innovation Touch Points (in goods, services or experiences) that can be absorbed into the offer to deliver coherent, advantaged, motivating and sustainable consumer propositions. The last stage is the Evaluation Model where we measure and weigh-up all possible strategies and their alternatives before identifying and fully costing the recommended route.

Our technique has been proven in a diverse range of markets – from pharmaceutical drugs to leisure retail – and for market leading positions through to challengers. We have created new brands from scratch and breathed life back into tired but familiar house-hold names. All of which have delivered against stringent ROI and EVA targets.


Contact us in strictest confidence on 07515 556564 or via email andy@sfmarketing.co.uk