by Andy Portsmouth

Beware Casual Leaders – they leave casualties wherever they go!

Leadership is about competency and character. A bad apple really does spoil the barrel. When leaders are not made of the right stuff their poor behaviours impact on everything and everyone.

Cut through the corporate b*llsh*t. Many organisations are sabotaged from the inside. Their biggest threat is not from competitors but from themselves. Performance is worse, staff become disengaged and their potential is frittered away. All because organisations select the wrong people to lead and then do not train them.

Easy to read and packed full of real life stories, this book shows who makes a good leader of an engaged organisation – and why some people will never make it.

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To Tell You My Truth…I Found Real Happiness… So Can You


by Suzannah Ridgway

Written in accessible language, To Tell You My Truth combines Suzannah Ridgway’s own past, her personal experiences and wisdom with the experiences of clients to show how you too can live a deeply satisfying life — a life in which you are fully you, where you live your life, unapologetically and truthfully, as you.

Available at Amazon in both in paperback and Kindle Edition